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Lots of people ask me..."what do you actually do?"
The truth is, it can be tricky to 
explain, without sounding like a
'jack of all trades, and master of none' - which I kind of am!

So I've knocked this page up to help explain.

In essence, I'm a multi disciplined & experienced business professional.

I've spent the majority of my working life in events, music, fashion & textiles,
holding senior roles in major PLC's through to family organisations,
plus I've been inv
olved in three successful & ongoing start ups.

My primary roles have been in and around sales, business development, account management & marketing;
although I have wide experience in 
general business.


I'm a creative thinker, strong communicator, and like to think possess a high level of emotional intelligence; but I'll let you be the judge of that:-)

The bottom line is, I have a pretty large & diverse contacts book...
so if I can't help you...I'll probably know someone who can!

I'll endeavour to explain...scroll & click the links if you want to dive deeper...

Or get in touch and we can have a chat, over a brew or a beer...

T: 07714 246278 E:

Fashion & Textiles

Repeated attempts at making music a full time career, led me to fall in to textiles - my first 'proper job'. I worked up from the shop floor at Next, and ended up at head office in the buying team. This led me to move in to the supply chain where I held a number of senior commercial roles & directorships.

I travelled extensively, learnt A LOT, and dealt with some of the biggest names on the U.K.high street. I eventually took the plunge of moving back in to the live events industry, but made and kept many friends & contacts in 'the rag trade'.

In recent years, I have returned to textiles, where I formed a joint business supplying branded clothing. Many of our clients are from the event & hospitality industry - funny that!
See more here:


Music & Performance

I've been making, performing & writing music from a very young age. I've toured, recorded and been involved in many projects of varying types & sizes. Music is our 'family business'.
These days I spend most of my 'muso' time working on two projects.


Si Taylor Music
An outlet for my own songwriting.
There's an acoustic album, plus a band album in pre-production. I perform these songs solo, or with the full band - 'The Big Love'

The Boutones
A covers band I front, playing private functions, festivals, pubs & music venues.
We're tight, fun to watch, and hopefully offer something away from
standard pub rock fare.

Events & Production

I left textiles to scratch an itch.
I wanted to try my hand at running my own company, and missed the business of 'show'.
I initially joined Litestructures,[which became Production Park] as Sales Director, and submerged 
myself in the event industry and all its magic, chaos, and contacts. Eventually I took the leap of jointly forming an event production company OneBigStar. For 15 years we built a successful & respected multi discipline, industry leading supplier.

We worked on many events , from festivals & tours, to large scale exhibitions & huge corporate events, supplying stage, sound, light , video and custom sets. An exit strategy & covid gave me an opportunity for a change in lifestyle, and I took it!
I remain in touch with many of my event industry friends - a great bunch.
The boys at OBS are still going strong,
I'm very happy to say.

Commercial & Creative 

My departure from OBS gave me the ability to work as a consultant for a number of business contacts, which I continue to enjoy.

I also used lockdown 1.0 to extend my graphics & creative skills. I help small businesses with simple web design and social media strategy, along with general business advice.

Here's a few projects...

The Earl of Chesterfield

Belvoir Carpet & Flooring

Chris Taylor Yoga


I also built & maintain the Si Taylor Music
and The Boutones web sites.

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