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In late January 2021, Si's mum, Sandra, wrote a poem - 'Whilst The World Is Weeping'. 
It narrates our troubled times, but encourages positivity & love.

Si put some music to it, and 'conjured' up a chorus!

It was promptly recorded, along with a video - to emphasise the words visually.

You can enjoy the video, song & poem below.

By Sandra Rickman


Whilst the world is weeping, let us do our bit.

We have the time to sympathise, to listen and to sit.

No needless thoughts, of the things we cannot do.

But appreciate all the good bits and look at them anew.


The warmth and comfort of our homes, the food we have to eat.

The family and friends we have, although we cannot meet.

The village that we live in, and the community we share.

So precious to us right now, so sit and think and care.


Whilst the world is full of sadness, anxiety and pain,

It’s hard to imagine our lives ever carefree again.

But nothing lasts forever, the clouds will always clear.

Let’s heal the world with love, so the sunshine can appear.

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